BuddyPress Re-post Activity WordPress Plugin

Sometimes you like someone’s post in activity thread and you want to re-post that activity publically or on your group.

So now you can re-post an activity from BuddyPress activity page with the help of this plugin.

What this plugin does? It will provide a button for reposting activity. We can also enable/disable this functionality from backend.


1. Re-post any activity by clicking on the “Re-Post” button.

2. Select where to re-post.

3. Enable/Disable re-post functionality.


WP Plugin URL:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-repost-activity/

GitHub URL: https://github.com/BhargavBhandari90/bp-repost-activity

User avatar in BuddyPress notification loop

BuddyPress by default don’t show user avatar in the notifications. But you can do that by simply adding couple of lines in notification loop.

BuddyPress stores the other user id as secondary id.

Here is the code to be used in notification loop.

echo bp_activity_avatar(
    array( 'user_id' => bp_get_the_notification_secondary_item_id() )

That’s it…