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PHP-Wordpress Developer

Currently working with BuddyBoss

Founder of Bili Plugins

I develop WordPress plugins and themes.

I am a fan of Akshay Kumar and Vishal Krishna Reddy.

WordPress development
Creating and customizing themes and custom functionality
Creating and customizing plugins
WordPress configuration
WordPress site optimization.
Development skills: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, git, grunt, gulp and other technologies relevant to WordPress.

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Good evening,
I have a question regarding your re-post plugin for buddypress.

When re-posting a post, shouldn’t the re-post appear on the main activity stream?

When I read the description of the plugin. It said the re-post will appear on user profile and groups.

Please clarify.

FB re-post (share) appears on main activity stream.

Look forward to your reply.

Hi your Mentions plugin gives errors, not working properly. Could you please repair it.

How to contact you?
Pls provide contact details… interested to arrange meeting in Bilimora to discuss further possibilities.