Comment Mention with BBPress

Recently I’ve updated my plugin “Comment Mention“. In the latest version ( 1.2.0 ), I’ve added bbpress compatibility for the mention.

Mentioning was already provided by bbpress, but auto-suggestion was not there. So my plugin fulfils that and also it sends an email notification to the mentioned user.

After installing this plugin, when you create a new topic or add a reply to a topic, and you mention a user using “@”, then that user will get an email notification about that.

That email is configurable from the backend. Watch below video for how it works.


Asking authentication when we try to access homepage on WP Engine

Recently, I migrated a site from the flywheel to WP Engine using Migrate Guru plugin.

After migration, I was asked to add browser authentication when I try to access the homepage. It was not asking the authentication when I try to access wp-admin.

Below is the screenshot what I was getting.

So I connected WP Engine’s support guy. And in my case there was a third party plugin was creating the issue. After deactivating that plugin, issue was fixed.

How to setup Stripe test account on MemberPress

MemberPress forces to have a valid account to connect with stripe which is great for the LIVE site.

But when it comes to testing payment using a test account, then also MemberPress forces to have a valid account.

But there is a workaround to setup test account without an account which has not all the data filled in the Sandbox account.

When you open your MemberPress -> Settings -> Payments tab, the URL will end up like:


Then change it manually to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=memberpress-options&display-keys and click back to the Payments tab.

You’ll see the fields where you’ll be able to add the keys manually. Copy/paste them from your Stripe and then go to Stripe DashBoard -> Developers -> Webhooks and click “Add Endpoint” button:

Then paste the Webhook URL from MemberPress and add these events:

Save everything and you should have the manual test connection completed.

If you use any caching plugin, don’t forget to set it as explained in How to Set Up Popular Caching Plugins with MemberPress? and you should be good to go. 🙂


That’s it

BuddyPress Re-post Activity WordPress Plugin

Sometimes you like someone’s post in activity thread and you want to re-post that activity publically or on your group.

So now you can re-post an activity from BuddyPress activity page with the help of this plugin.

What this plugin does? It will provide a button for reposting activity. We can also enable/disable this functionality from backend.


1. Re-post any activity by clicking on the “Re-Post” button.

2. Select where to re-post.

3. Enable/Disable re-post functionality.


WP Plugin URL:

GitHub URL:

Delete orphan data from post meta in WordPress

What is orphan data?

Sometimes there are entries in postmeta table for those ids which is not exist in main post tables during testing new functionality or developing any plugins.


Why you should remove orphan data?

It’s not necessary if you have limited data. But if you have a huge data in your database, then you will need to remove those unnecessary data.


Use below code snippet for removing orphan data from postmeta table: TAKE A BACKUP BEFORE RUNNING THE SCRIPT.

DELETE pm FROM wp_postmeta pm
LEFT JOIN wp_posts wp ON wp.ID = pm.post_id