BuddyPress Re-post Activity WordPress Plugin

Sometimes you like someone’s post in activity thread and you want to re-post that activity publically or on your group.

So now you can re-post an activity from BuddyPress activity page with the help of this plugin.

What this plugin does? It will provide a button for reposting activity. We can also enable/disable this functionality from backend.


1. Re-post any activity by clicking on the “Re-Post” button.

2. Select where to re-post.

3. Enable/Disable re-post functionality.


WP Plugin URL:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-repost-activity/

GitHub URL: https://github.com/BhargavBhandari90/bp-repost-activity

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  1. It is good and work. I needed something like this. But it doesn’t show name re-post from who.

    1. Could you please provide any screenshot? If you see in the plugin page, the first screenshot clearly shows the name by whom it is re-posted.

      Something like “admin posted an update….”.

      Let me know how you are geeting the issue, so that I can fix that.

  2. Hi Bunty

    Thanks for the work.
    It is a really needed but rarely almost impossible to find a solution.
    But undortunatelly I couldn’t get it work

    I installed an activated the plugin.
    I am using BuddyBoss. So activated it as an integration there as well.
    But when I come to the activity feeds, nothing shows up on the activity feed page.
    It says you activity feed is loading please wait.
    But in the end nothing changes.

    Any solutions to overcome that ?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi, I am looking at your plugin, I can get the button to show up on the generate press theme but not on the buddyx theme which requires the BP Nouveau templates.

    However, when I click the button on the Generate Press theme activity field the page jumps to the top of the screen from the “#” tag, but nothing happens no repost form appears. Would love to get this plugin to work as designed for our new site is possible.

    Will you be developing any updates for this plugin? Thanks.

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