Comment Mention with BBPress

Recently I’ve updated my plugin “Comment Mention“. In the latest version ( 1.2.0 ), I’ve added bbpress compatibility for the mention.

Mentioning was already provided by bbpress, but auto-suggestion was not there. So my plugin fulfils that and also it sends an email notification to the mentioned user.

After installing this plugin, when you create a new topic or add a reply to a topic, and you mention a user using “@”, then that user will get an email notification about that.

That email is configurable from the backend. Watch below video for how it works.


WordPress Copy Content Plugin

Sometimes people needs some part of content from existing posts or pages. Or some needs to add extra content from existing.

So now you dont need to find that post/page and copy that content and paste. Just install this plugin, search the post/page by it’s title and fetch the content.


  • Search post/page by it’s title
  • Select from the search result
  • And fetch the content of selected post/pages


You can get the plugin free from here.