Import large DB in MySQL using command in MAMP

Sometimes using phpmyadmin, it’s kind of impossible to import DB from the import section. So below is the command to import large DB into MySQL.

Step-1 Login to MySQL using following command

/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql --host=localhost -uroot -proot

Step-2 Select DB in which you want to import DB

use DB_NAME;

Step-3 Import DB

SET autocommit=0 ; source PATH_TO_YOUR_SQL_FILE.sql ; COMMIT ;

That’s it.

Don’t forget to change path!!!

How to Import – Export WordPress Database using WP-CLI | WP-CLI | WordPress

I’ve made a video for this tutorial. Because that’s the easiest way to show how we can use WP-CLI to import/export database.

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Fix – ERROR 1031 Table storage engine for ‘table_name’ doesn’t have this option

Sometimes you get the below error while importing the database.

ERROR 1031 (HY000) at line 5643 in file: '/Users/username/Downloads/database.sql': Table storage engine for 'table_name' doesn't have this option

Now let’s fix this.

Step – 1

Open your sql file in your favourite editor and go to SQL query of that table.

You will see ROW_FORMAT=FIXED at the last of the query and remove that.

Step – 2

Save your file and try to import the database. This should fix the error.


That’s it