Fix 413 Request Entity Too Large in MaMP in 2 Minutes

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When I was working on the local development, I had an issue as shown in this post image.

When I tried to import a database from PHPMyAdmin, I was having the error “413 Request Entity Too Large“.

After searching a bit on the internet, I found a very simple solution. It would take only a couple of minutes.

So as this is nginx related error, open your Nginx config file. In my case, I was using MaMP. So my nginx.conf file was at this location:


Open the file and add the following lines into http { } section as shown in below image:

client_max_body_size     1000M;
fastcgi_read_timeout     3600;


After adding that line, try to restart Nginx.

In my case, I had a button to restart the server in MaMP. You might run the command like service nginx restart