WordCamp Mumbai

Whooaaaaaaaaa…!!!!!!!!!!!! Mumbaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………………………………


This was my 2nd WordCamp and it was at Mumbai. This WordCamp was like medicine for me as I had some problems in my personal life.😉 I was back to work after 10 to 15 days and that weekend there was WC Mumbai. So it helped me a lot to get refresh.

Let’s start with the journey.

We have started our journey from OLA cab with Siddharth, Anto and Bharat (BNAP) for a Pune railway station. We booked a ticket for Mumbai and after 3 to 4 hours journey we reached at the venue. Mumbai was hot. I am talking about weather guyzzzz. 😉 But our venue was quite cool.

So after reaching at the venue, I told my name “Bhargav” at the registration table. And there were other Bhargavs too. So they asked my surname so I told my surname “Bhandari” to the person at the table. So he was searching my I card, but he got some other Bhargavs like whatever card he got, he read the name from that I-card “Bhargav Mehta” ….. He got some other bhargav’s I-card. During collecting my I-card, one girl beside me was smiling whenever that person called my name. I don’t know why? 😕

After collecting the stuff from the registration table I went inside the college and the atmosphere like woww !!!!… I saw our rtCamp table and went there and made a mark of the rtCamp logo on my hand and started exploring the WordCamp and met one interesting person. She was at just right beside our table. I forgot her name but she was nice. The way she was explaining the thing was damn good. And I must say she was the only interesting person I found on the first day.

Then after I attended a couple of sessions. The auditorium was huge and I liked it the most. My favorite sessions were like WP-CLI session and our boss Rahul Bansal’s “PHP in WordPress way”. I found that very interesting and I learned something from these two sessions only. At the first day, I saw my x-boss during lunch. So I went to meet him. We talked for a while and then I rushed to the queue for lunch as I was so hungry.

At the end of the day, I decided to go to my hometown. So I went to Mumbai Central and took the train for that. I decided not to spent a night in Mumbai. I wanted to go home and came again to the next morning.

At the next morning, before going to the WordCamp, I visited the Mount Merry church as I always wanted to visit that place. That was my first visit and I feel so good at there. I will definitely visit that church again. I shared some pics of the church on my Instagram profile. You can see those at here. After spending some time at the church, I went to the venue and at that day only I was waiting for Nirav Mehta’s session. And it was damn good, so inspiring. After that, I went for getting the WC Mumbai t-shirt and a mug. And I got that. 🙂

At the end of the WordCamp, a group photo session was there as always. You can see at the top of this blog. After that, I took an extra t-shirt for my friend, Amit. And he was happy to see that. So our train was from Mumbai at around 9 pm and we have 3 hrs. So I decided to go to Bandsatand with Siddharth and Naveen. We had a great time at there. Then we went to station for getting back to Pune. It was an adventurous journey. Why?  That you will know in my next blog. 😛

One thing I always wanted to do was walk at the Marine Lines. I had a chance but I missed it as I went to my hometown for a night stay. So next time, I will definitely do this.


That’s me and Yahil ( left ), attending a session and having a selfie.    

Me, Naveen(center) and siddharth(left) at Bandstand.

So that’s all. See you at the next bolg. 🙂





Fun @ WordCamp Pune

In my previous blog First WordCamp, I covered what we have done in WordCamp. Now in this blog, you will know what fun we did at that day.

So let’s start with swag collection. Collecting swags was the most fun part I found. Initially, I was hesitating to get to the desks of sponsors and get the swags, I don’t know why. Then I saw others are having fun with collecting swags and talking to the representative of the other companies. So I decided to do same and started to go to the desks and talk to their reparatives and collect the swag. That was a simple plan I thought. But after a couple of minutes, I found it’s not as simple as I thought. I’ll tell you how? 😛

So I made a plan and went to one of the desks and shake hand with a person standing at there. That’s it after that I didn’t know what to ask them and started watching some templates on the desk. There are other people who are doing some queries and getting some info about the organization. That’s it, now I got that…  And I started asking a question. Now I know that what to do. I found that very good for getting info and especially for the swag.😋

I got two t-shirts and lots of badges and stickers and a water bottle. During that, we have a Bingo contest which we won. It was a good contest. Actually, Bharat won that task, but still not got any prize. 😋 He did a great job in that task. Ok, reading is getting boring right !!!!! Let’s see some pics.

img_20170121_2113391 There it is. These are the swags which I got. There are two t-shirts, some badges, stickers, and a key chain. And that’s the water bottle, my friend’s favorite…!!! 😀 Whenever he will read this he’ll gonna kill me. 😆





This is the selfie which I took right after got the badge of an attendee. Vivek and Pranali were there at the registration table.







We, playing football. I was really tired. It’s an another interesting thing that we played football there. After 5 years, I played that. And guess what!!! I can’t play as I used to. Like “Ab wo bat nahi rahi (It’s not like before)”.



img_20170115_0943171A selfie with Anto at the middle and Yahil at the right. And Anto met some Malayalis at the WordCamp. He started talking in their language with that person. I didn’t know what he was talking but I thought the was making fun of me and Yahil. So me and Yahil also started talking in Gujarati and made fun of him. 😋






This is one of the sessions which I attended. I attended total 3 sessions.






These are Radhe and Rakshit at the desk. I don’t know what Radhe is doing, but I am sure He might be checking internet speed. 😆 And for Rakshit I can’t say anything. 😋



After WordCamp over, actually it was not over. After party was remaining now. And I was so excited for after party. And the sad part was that I was the only one who was excited. Other people like Yahil, Anto etc are refusing for coming to the after party. So, me and Mriyam were trying to convince them to come and somehow we were successful to convince them. And their decision was not wrong. We actually enjoyed a lot there. The venue for after party was “The Classic Rock Cafe”. We all got first drink free. So I took a beer bottle. And I also tested whiskey first time there. And it was not good at a test.

After the party, we went to a restaurant “Chopstick”. It’s Anto’s favorite restaurant and we ate a lot there till late night. After that, we returned to our rooms. And that’s it!!!! WordCamp is over….!!!! Now next is Mumbai WordCamp at March….!!!!!!!!!! See you at Mumbai…..

First WordCamp

I am going to tell you about my first WordCamp which was held in Pune on 15th Jan 2017. And yes I was very happy for attending this. For this, I left the Uttarayana (Kite Festival). As a Gujarati, it was very hard, but I decided to attend this WordCamp anyhow. So I already said bye bye to kite festival once I made my decision to attend this WordCamp. And trust me the first time I left any festival but didn’t regret on that.

So let’s start with the morning. Even it was Sunday, I woke up early in the morning because I need to reach at the venue at 9 o’clock. So I was getting ready and Yahil (My colleague) called me that he will take me on his bike. So I took a bus and reached at his room and from there we went to the venue. Venue was Ness Wadia College. On road, we were talking about tea and breakfast as we were very hungry at that time. And I decided that first, we will have breakfast than other things. As we reached at around 9 o clock, we thought we reached early around 9 o’clock we thought we were very early because no one was there at the gate of that college. So I asked watchmen for where is WordCamp but he didn’t understand what I am talking about. So I asked for the exact college name as there were 4 or 5 colleges on that college campus.

After that, we saw a banner of WordCamp with showing direction. We follow that banner and reached the venue. And guess what…??? We were not so early. Actually, we were late as there were already many people reached before us. I was laughing at myself at that time. Then we went to register counter and took our I cards and attacked breakfast first ;-).


See this my badge. Ya, I know other has the same but I like to show pieces of stuff. I like to wear badges and this is WordPress badge, so it is special for me. I don’t know how other feels, but I was feeling awesome.

The first thing I did after wearing the badge was to take a selfie. 😉 Ya, I am not the that much good looking guy, but I like my selfie. Also, I am not a selfie guy but took 2 or 3 selfies for showing my mother and friends to show off. 😉

Ohh!!! I forgot to tell you that I also got a water bottle at the registration table. At that time I was remembering my friend Amit (also my roommate) as he loves water bottle. 😀 Also I got Pranali(My colleague) as my buddy. But I couldn’t get a chance to meet her as she was a volunteer, so she was very busy. As like I was also thinking that I must be someone’s buddy. I thought she/he will try to approach me but it didn’t happen. Anyways somebody missed the chance to meet me…. Better luck next time 😆

Now it was time to attend some sessions. So the first session was about a boy may be 12 to 13 years old. And guess what? He is a blogger. 😯 He is doing cool stuff on the web at this age. I was very impressed by him. I was like at that age I don’t even know what the internet is..? 😕 and he is like awesome. Hats off to that boy. His name was Abhinav I think. I forgot the full name of that boy but yes he was coool.. 😎

After that I attended the 2nd session. In that session, I was feeling like I was in my college lecture. Ya session was good, but I saw a person who was sleeping during the session. I saw that person and laughed. then the session was about to over and we clapped loudly so he woke up. 😀 I hope that person is reading this and laughing on this.

15965591_1345697748820952_53151819426675736_n We also took some selfies with some cool buddies. This one is one of my favorite selfies. This was the part of  Bingo contest. And yes we also won that contest.




This selfie was taken by Devin Walker. This one is also my favorite. Actually, I went to his desk with some rtCampers to meet him and get some swags from him. We just said hi to him and he came out from his desk and took his selfie stick and took the selfie. I got a cool T-shirt from him. I liked that T-shirt.

I want to share more on this, but I will write another blog for the remaining part. And that part will be the most happening part.

The last day ( છેલ્લો દિવસ )

Hi there,

The last day, yes I am talking about the last day of the year 2016. Another year passed and I became 26 in this year. A big change in this past year for me was I moved to Pune for my new job. And this time I am here at Pune for the new year. Everything is changed now. There was another big change in past year, but sorry I don’t want to share that right now.

So I was at the phoenix mall with my friend Amit ( my roommate too ) to celebrate last day of the year. So we were sitting at liberty square as like others for enjoying the atmosphere there. It was hot and happening atmosphere. All were enjoying music and dance and selfies and photos and all. I also took some selfies.

Now the main point of this blog. Actually, we were sitting at that square and suddenly I started thinking about the last day of 2015. Before Pune, I was doing my job at Surat and I used to do ups and downs by train. Ohh god !!!!!!!! what a rush in that train. But I enjoyed that journey for 1 hr with some people around me in that train. Some of them became a good friend of mine. Like Sneh, Dharmesh, Sanket and Mudassar and last but not the least, Rupesh.

So Sneh ( sexy boy ), I am missing those dumb smash for which we used to go Tithal and release on facebook. I still remember our bike riding from Bilimora to Tithal, sitting on the rock and taking videos for dumbsmash and discussion of how will we do and when we release it and all. And yes I will keep making an angry like on your photo in this new year too. And my jealousy on your stardom will increase day by day.

Dharmesh ( dhamo dhamaliyo ), I liked your company in trains. One thing I regret that we didn’t  watch any movie together because of you only. And I don’t understand what you want to do. I just want to say that make a decision and don’t think too much.

Sanket, you got married now. So wish you all the best with your soul mate. Just wanted to tell you that, start eating chicken man …:-)

Mudassar ( a brother from another mother ), hey bro… bhai bhai… bhaijaan…. We enjoyed a lot…. Like we saw almost every movie together in past year. I still remember that we saw even “Rudrama Devi”. What a movie it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!… He knows all my secret. I hope you will get your visa in this year ASAP. Hey, don’t forget to call me when you get your visa. I will come to the airport to drop you.

Dharmesh Kashyap ( professor ), I remembered that kite flying day. And also that girl who cut your kite and we laughed a lot on that scene. Hope you will get married in this new year.

Rupesh ( My mystery man. Saint outside and the devil inside.  ), I was remembering our holy place visits. Let’s that thing continue in this new year too. Just inform me and I will come. And I will ask you again and again in this year too that “When you will be getting married ?”.

I remembered all these things during we were waiting for  12 o’clock. All scenes were playing in my mind and I was like what life is. A few days before we used to travel together and now I am not with you. Seriously I am missing you all. thanks for being with me. You all made my life awesome. I hope our friendship will continue in this new year too. And Sneh and Dharmesh I would like to see you in Pune by the end of 2017.

Ohh!!!! suddenly countdown begun and all of us were shouting the countdowns. And after the 12 o’clock we said each other “Happy new year”. After that, people shouting and dancing and running and everyone like enjoying on their own different way. I was also enjoying the celebration. I broadcast a happy new year message to all from WhatsApp and started shouting with people. Then I saw people dancing around and celebrating. After a few moment, we went to our room and I wrote this blog and planned for a movie for the next day.

Actually, I want to tell you more but it will become boring to read this. So for now all of you best of luck for the new year. I hope this new year will full fill your dream and mine too.. Ya I am kind of selfish.. Happy new year to all of you guyzz…!!!!!!!!!