90 mins

Hi there,


So 90 mins, I am not writing about a movie. This is a real experience for 90 minutes at ATM queue. This was my first time in such a long queue. So let’s start how I passed 90 mins at a queue.

So I was there in a queue just came from the office. After full day work my friend Amit ( also my room partner ) called me and said come fast there is cash available at ATM near our room. So I came out of my office and head to our area’s ATM.

So I stood at that queue and I was hungry too and more than that I was getting bored. So I put my earphones and started listening to songs. Suddenly I remembered that I have a song which is about 90 mins. So I started that song. Ahhhhh.!!!!  some relief now feeling good. There was no beautiful girl at the queue. Then I started messaging my friends. I messaged to Sneh ( my best friend ) and asked whether he ever been at such a queue? So he called me immediately, laughed with me on the situation.  I have some jealousy on him because he is so handsome. I always make angry like on his photo on Facebook.

After that, I messaged my mom, but she was busy with our housework. But after an hour, my mom called me and asked me where am I? So I told her that I am in a queue.  So she was worried about me because I didn’t do my dinner yet.

After that my other friend messaged me and said there is good news. So I congratulate her and asked what good news is? She told me that her brother’s marriage was fixed. I was like ohh !! some good news at long queue. And I laughed for that.

In that queue, the first 30 minutes, I didn’t move a bit. At that time I actually knew that today I will not get the money. But there was a little hope inside me shouting at me like..  don’t leave the queue Bhargav!!!!!! So I decided not to leave that queue.  The song was continuing and messages from some friends were coming. Then I opened my Gmail and checked my mail. And also opened slack for any updated in any channel. I was trying to keep myself busy in that queue so I was not getting bored.

Suddenly Amit came to me and said he got the money. He was at another queue. He asked for my status. I show him a queue. He told me to give my backpack as he was going on our room. So I gave him that and told him I will be late so do your dinner because it’s already 10 o’clock.  After 15 minutes, cash was not available from that ATM. So I went to my room without any money.

I was not feeling good or bad. I don’t know why. This was a maximum time in any queue I have been. 90 minutes are not much time because I saw many people for 3 to 4 hours in a queue. But this was my maximum time at any queue. I am not complaining that I have been in a long queue for a long time and all. Just wanted to share how I passed 90 minutes to queue.

Ya, that’s it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes that 90 minutes song was also over with the money… !!!!!!!!