Install wp-cli on windows

WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, configure multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.

So I am going to tell you short, simple and easy way that how to use wp-cli on windows system.

Step 1: Create folder named “bin” at location “C:\Users\USERNAME\bin”.

Step 2: Download wp-cli.phar and put this file into “bin” folder ( created in step 1 ).

Now let’s go to next step. Yehh!!!!! still some steps are remaining. So now we will create a bat file for wp command.

Don’t know to create bat file ? Don’t worry it’s ok if you don’t know something… See this for how to create bat file.

Step 3: After creating that file rename it to “wp.bat” add the following code into that file.

SET BIN_TARGET=%~dp0/./wp-cli.phar
php "%BIN_TARGET%" %*

Step 4: Now go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System settings ( left sidebar ) and click on “Environment variables” and then chosse “PATH” from user variables and click edit.

systemsettings          ->         uservariables                                                                         variables


Step 5: Now add two paths into Variable values at value. 1st is PHP path ( where your php is installed. ). In my case it’s ;D:\xamp\php and 2nd is your wp-cli path ( we created in step 1 ) which is ;C:\Users\bunty\bin.

Final value will be like this:


Now we will check if it works or not. But before this you need to restart your PC and follow next steps.

Open cmd ( hopping that you all have different method to open it… ) and go to “C:\Users\USERNAME\bin” location by the following command:

cd C:\Users\USERNAME\bin

and after that run following command 

php wp-cli.phar --info

Hope you will get output something like this:


Awwwww…!!!!!! feels good right….!!!!!!!

Feeeeewwww…!!!!!!! this is too much right..?!!!! But cooool, you did it. Yes, you have completed the installation now. the only thing is need rightnow is just test it. To check and see whether WP-CLI is set up properly, execute the following line on the command prompt:

wp --info

And you will get same result as step 2 like this:


Finally it is done. Now you can use wp-cli commands. Now in cmd, just go to root of your WP installation and run following command:

wp plugin install bbpress --activate

And tell me what happens…..? I am not gonna tell you..!!!!! You tell me…..!!!!!!!

That’s it…

90 mins

Hi there,


So 90 mins, I am not writing about a movie. This is a real experience for 90 minutes at ATM queue. This was my first time in such a long queue. So let’s start how I passed 90 mins at a queue.

So I was there in a queue just came from the office. After full day work my friend Amit ( also my room partner ) called me and said come fast there is cash available at ATM near our room. So I came out of my office and head to our area’s ATM.

So I stood at that queue and I was hungry too and more than that I was getting bored. So I put my earphones and started listening to songs. Suddenly I remembered that I have a song which is about 90 mins. So I started that song. Ahhhhh.!!!!  some relief now feeling good. There was no beautiful girl at the queue. Then I started messaging my friends. I messaged to Sneh ( my best friend ) and asked whether he ever been at such a queue? So he called me immediately, laughed with me on the situation.  I have some jealousy on him because he is so handsome. I always make angry like on his photo on Facebook.

After that, I messaged my mom, but she was busy with our housework. But after an hour, my mom called me and asked me where am I? So I told her that I am in a queue.  So she was worried about me because I didn’t do my dinner yet.

After that my other friend messaged me and said there is good news. So I congratulate her and asked what good news is? She told me that her brother’s marriage was fixed. I was like ohh !! some good news at long queue. And I laughed for that.

In that queue, the first 30 minutes, I didn’t move a bit. At that time I actually knew that today I will not get the money. But there was a little hope inside me shouting at me like..  don’t leave the queue Bhargav!!!!!! So I decided not to leave that queue.  The song was continuing and messages from some friends were coming. Then I opened my Gmail and checked my mail. And also opened slack for any updated in any channel. I was trying to keep myself busy in that queue so I was not getting bored.

Suddenly Amit came to me and said he got the money. He was at another queue. He asked for my status. I show him a queue. He told me to give my backpack as he was going on our room. So I gave him that and told him I will be late so do your dinner because it’s already 10 o’clock.  After 15 minutes, cash was not available from that ATM. So I went to my room without any money.

I was not feeling good or bad. I don’t know why. This was a maximum time in any queue I have been. 90 minutes are not much time because I saw many people for 3 to 4 hours in a queue. But this was my maximum time at any queue. I am not complaining that I have been in a long queue for a long time and all. Just wanted to share how I passed 90 minutes to queue.

Ya, that’s it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes that 90 minutes song was also over with the money… !!!!!!!!

WordCamp Nashik 2016

I never ever attended WordCamp before. But I want to do so.

I am writing this blog because I missed this WordCamp. I decided to attend this WordCamp, but recently I moved to Pune for my new job with rtCamp. So I had to make some arrangement for my staying over here.

Yes, feeling bad that I missed it, but now what? I have to wait for next WordCamp which is at Udaipur ( Rajasthan ). I don’t want to miss that…..

I want to see what happens there?

What will I learn?

What I need to do next?

What is important for the future?